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'Simple Creations' Traditional, Collectable, Dolls Made From 'Dolly Pegs'
Looking Back

Many of us won't be able to recall the days when the only dolls little girls played with were made from old fashioned clothes pegs.
These dolls were dressed in scraps of fabric and gave hours of enjoyment.  Remnant shops often sold fabric scraps which were somtimes a floral design, or off cuts from curtains.  The scraps were rolled into bundles and sold for 1/2D.  It was then lovingly sewn by hand as best as could be by the girls into dresses for the Peg Dolls.  Mostly the pegs had no faces, but that didn't seem to bother them; they still played with them as dolls.  School friends played together for hours to see who could dress their 'doll' the best.  Often they would look in shop windows and admire the dolls displayed there that their mothers couldn't afford.
Those days are long gone when toys were a luxury, today's little girls are fortunate to be able to play with dolls that look real, and have a wonderful selection of clothes to dress their dolls in.
 We have made decorative dolls from wooden clothes pegs just like the dolls those girls played with, and have enjoyed creating them so much we want to share them with you.  They are no longer made of fabric scraps, we use beads, felts, lace, ribbons, satins as well as a range of pretty fabrics.
Browse through our site and see some of our creations as there might be a clothes peg doll that you might like to purchase. If you cannot see one you like, do contact us and we will do our best to create a doll to suit you.
We decided to keep our prices as low as possible and make them affordable.