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Gardening Sisters
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Garden Talk

Try these ideas for inspiration.

Add an arch to your garden. It has pulling power and suggests there is more to explore.

A winding path through shrubs and bushes mystery and surprise, especially if you have children.

Furniture in the garden creates a feeling that your garden is another room.

Lili Says

A thick post, stained in any colour, about four or five feet high and thick rope of any colour wound around it. A climbing plant can be attached to it.

Shiney pot filled with coloured/plain pebbles, lay pebbles around the base. (herbs are nice)

A trellis made from bamboo.

Visit the local builders merchants to see if they ahve anything of use and something different. Tyres, log rolls, pipes, wheelbarrows look great filled with plants or herbs.

Mirrors - makes a garden look bigger. Place a mirror behind an urn to give the effect.

Recycle your old fruit bowls and fill them with pebbles or nice stones. Add some essential oils to make the aroma drift into the garden.

Wind chimes are a must for any garden.

Old shoes, boots, teapots and crockery make great make ideas and are lovely places for flowers and shrubs.

Runner beans and sweet peas climbing together in a large pot on the patio with a bamboo wigwam of canes supporting it.

Scented herbs in pots, lovage, angelica, rosemary, borage, thyme, marjoram, apple mint, lemon balm, fennel and sage.

Use log rolls in a circle, fill with soil and plants, paint any colour.

Lots of pots and urns, place them close together for effect.

Old shoes, boots, teapots and crockery make great ideas.

Old sink or trough filled with plants.

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Stream 2

Dry Riverbed
I always fancied a dry river/stream bed in my garden but was unsure at first how to create one.
The best way to go about it is rathere than digging up a lawn is to spray weedkiller on the area you want to place your dry bed, then cover with gardening membrane. You can then begin to design your river bed with boulders, cobbles and pebbles (paint them blue). Add gravel, plant suitable plants like grasses and you have your riverside setting.