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The Kitchens

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Our Family Table

Here I'll tell you about the family's kitchens.

My Nana Barnett died in 1957, but I can recall her kitchen quite well. It was a dark room and the family had previously spent most of their time there. The front parlour was for best only.
Nana cooked over the coal fire most of the time.

My first kitchen back in 1969 was a dingy dark sculery. the only furniture was a wite stone sink, a gas coooker, a single tub washing machine with a wringer. I had also been given an old mangle to wring out my washing. Later a second hand table and chairs furnished this room. My mother would have been horrified had she realised how bad the living conditions were.

Madeline my mother loved to be in her kitchen. She loved baking and for many years she made her own bread

Up until around 1986 my Nana Graham's kitchen had hardly changed from the day the house was built.