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Our Family Table
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Cheese Wheel, Spinning

Welcome to heritage cooking and meals of the past!

Our ancestors lived, breathed and ate the same as we do except their expectations weren't as high as ours are today. They usually ate simpler meals yet it seemed to be filling and homesome.
I've created these pages to recreate the way ate, the way they cooked and the recipes we have inherited. Food memories linking the past with the present can give us an insight into past generations lives, how they coped and managed their lives. Focusing on food and the way it was prepared is recreating their daily lifestyles and hopefuully we will begin to understand the difficulties some of them must have had.

Can you remember your family table as a child? Who sat there, what did you eat and what stories did you share?

Perhaps you can remember your grandmother's kitchen or some of the utensils she cooked with. Maybe you can smell the aroma of her cooking which brings back pleasant memories.

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