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Welcome to my photo album of Cornish people connected to my family!

This website is dedicated to photographs of Cornish people from the past. When my late grandmother passed away ten years ago I inherited many family photos, some I was able to put a name to, many I was not. I thought if I displayed them here that someone might recognise a face or even a name. It would be a bonus if I found some twigs to fit on my family tree!
The photos come mainly from St Columb Minor, Newquay, Falmouth and Redruth area.

The first link I have to the James family of St Columb Minor in Cornwall was my great grandmother Charlotte James. She was the second daughter of John James(1825) and Elizabeth Nicholls (1828) of Redruth. 
Do you have an information on these photos I have?
Jon Buckingham (age 11 and half) Most Improved Player of Juvinile Baseball 21 August 1956 (USA/Canada?)
John and Esme Gilbert about 1920 also Patricia Carne Newquay

Thanks for dropping by and taking a look at my photos. Please sign some comments on the site on the Contact Page.

Names connected to the James family of St  Columb Minor, Cornwall
Bolwell, Davey, Carne, Gerry, Hocking, James, Jilbert, Juleff, Libby, Medlin, Mitchell, Nicholls, Pappin, Pearce, Trevorrow, Watkins

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Elizabeth Nicholls

John James 1825-1915
Born St Columb Minor, died St Columb Major Workhouse

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