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Red Rose, Spinning

Welcome to Gardening Sisters!

This site was created to inspire those who need encouragement to transform their gardens into places of peace and tranquility.
My sister Lili and I are doing just that. We felt our gardens were a little uninspired and 'boring', and felt they badly needed a make-over. So we took the plunge and drastically changed our open spaces from plain lawns, to creations beyond our expectations. Maybe you have yourself thought of transforming your own garden but lacked motivation or even ideas. We want to share our gardens, ideas and enthusiasm with you and encourage the craft of creating wonderful, restful outdoor spaces.
Neither of us were green-fingered, although our father was; yet somehow we became gifted with inspiration and an urge to create something beautiful. Our gardens are far from complete and will be on ongoing projects, but our zest is unlimited and we know one day we will complete the task we set out to do.

The poem I wrote reflects my feelings toward my own piece of peace and tranquility. I wrote it some years before I became involved with it, and if anyone had foreseen me working in the garden, I would have hardly imagined it. Yet my words are all true, I can only believe that somehow then I was able to see into the future and I was able to follow the path of contentment.

If you browse through this site you may too find inspiration to create your own place of peace and tranquility. If so we wish you luck. If you are able to find the same pleasure we did from your own garden inspiration, then you will have found a piece of Heaven.
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Although this site is still in progress we hope to be able to add to it.
We would like to add some of your gardening inspirations here too and look forward to hearing from you.

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My Woodland Retreat

as it was; Actual size=180 pixels wide

My garden as it was.

My Garden of Memories

I have a garden, a garden of love
The sun shines on it from Heaven above
A garden of memories, a garden of care
A garden of beauty, it shows everywhere.

A rose bush blooms brightly, a tulip stands tall
Honeysuckle and Ivy climb up the side wall
Lupins sway gently, their flowers upright
Reaching for the sky to make the most of the light.

My garden of love, holds memory so sweet
Its glory watched over from the garden seat
A garden of beauty, a garden of grace
My garden of memories, a wonderful place.

by Rose

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